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I Do Bidoo Bidoo -- favorite scenes

After reading several positive reviews of I Do Bidoo Bidoo, I decided that I just had to watch it. Instead of rehasing the reviews, I'll list down instead some of my favorite scenes. By and large, I agree with most of the reviews -- Pinoy Rebyu has thoughtfully compiled a list of reviews. But before my favorite scenes list, lemme just note a few things about the reviews.

  1. Most, if not all, of them find the ending abrupt, and I agree. There seems to be no motivation (in the acting sense) for General (ret.) Fuentebella's apparent change of heart, nor for his son-in-law Nic's sudden warmth for his (Nic's) wife, the General's daughter. Nor (SPOILER ALERT) for Tracy's agreeing to elope. Was this left for the audience to fill in the blanks? IMHO, the script should've been more explicit about this.

  2. I disagree with reviewers who didn't like the cinematography, see below.

  3. Didn't anyone else notice that Ogie Alcasid (as Pol Polotan) doesn't really know how to play the guitar? It was pretty obvious to me. Since he was playing a guitar instructor, he should've learned at least some basic chords. Or else, the camera could've cheated. For instance, when he's supposed to be strumming, either zoom out, or shoot him from the back, to hide his fingers. If Martinez really wanted to show guitar chords, he could've hired a "stunt" guitarist.

  4. Some of the lip-syncing was really bad, in particular Zsa Zsa Padilla's. Fortunately, she makes up for this with her acting performance.

Now on to my list of my favorite scenes:

  1. Rock and Tracy in the church, making their wedding plans -- loved the lighting

  2. Batang-bata Ka Pa sextet involving the lovers and their parents. The "carousel" effect was, I thought, creative. (Or was that just a quartet involving the lovers, Nic, and Rosie??)

  3. Bret and Rock going home after the videoke episode. Again, loved the lighting.

  4. The elopement -- reviewers thought that the lighting was too weak and obscured the lovers' faces. I thought that their silhouettes were more important, and that facial expressions would've ruined the scene. But that's just me :)

  5. The Apo's cameo -- for simply being Apo :)

  6. Closing scene, the dance number with Fabregas and his soldiers.

I Do isn't likely to last another week, and will probably be gone by Wednesday. Do make the time for it, it'll be entertaining enough to make it worth your while.

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